New poker machine lounge to replace bottle shop at rear of Miranda Hotel

Miranda Hotel is planning a new poker machine lounge with "lush internal gardens, feature dropdown ceilings, well insulated carpeted floor and soft luxurious seating".

The proposed new "VIP lounge" would replace the existing bottle shop at the rear of the hotel, and would have access from Kiora Lane.

Hotel owner, P J Ryan's Hotels, has lodged a development application (DA) for the project, which has an estimated construction cost of $437,525.

The DA said the proposal involved relocating the existing gaming room from Kingsway street frontage to a new purpose built room in the rear of the building, where the bottle shop is now located.

"The new location of the gaming room will be concealed from Kiora Lane and the buildings fronting it by the existing full height boundary wall and existing roof and structure," the DA said.

"The proposed built room consists of lush internal gardens, feature dropdown ceilings, well insulated carpeted floor and soft luxurious seating all assisting in the absorption of sound emitting from the machines.

"Therefore, the proposed development will not contribute any additional noise to the existing noise of the surrounding area and there will be no noise emitted from the boundary to the surrounding area."

The project includes improving disabled access and reconfiguring female and male toilets.

"All works are proposed are within the buildings existing boundary," the DA said.

"The application does not propose to alter the majority of the existing operational management procedures of the hotel, nor does it seek an intensification of the use through increased gross floor area, trading hours or patron capacity."

The DA said there would be no increase in the number of poker machines.

"The hotel was established over 30 years ago and its location is described in the Sutherland Shire DCP (development control plan) as a High Activity area and in a locality which is a well-known entertainment and tourism precinct," the DA said.

"It is an appropriate location for late night trading premises.

"The relocation of the gaming room to the rear of the building reduces the impact to the residential building on Kingsway.

"There are no sensitive uses or residential buildings located close to the development.

"The Miranda Hotel contributes to the existing mix of uses within Miranda as an entertainment venue, providing a variety of different avenues for entertainment including outdoor dining."