Bexley clearway concerns

Reasons not clear: shopkeepers and residents are angry at RMS plans for new and extended clearways through Bexley. Picture: John Veage
Reasons not clear: shopkeepers and residents are angry at RMS plans for new and extended clearways through Bexley. Picture: John Veage

Re the article "Clearway plan condemned: Bexley businesses come out fighting" (Leader, July 31).

These new and extended clearways are ridiculous and totally unnecessary for the following reasons.

  • Clearways are already in place, so the so called ''key benefits of clearways'' have already been achieved, obviating the need to extend them.
  • The congestion within the Bexley shopping strip is primarily caused by three traffic lights that exist there, in close proximity, not the parked vehicles.
  • Considering south-bound traffic on Forest Road, Bexley, most of the traffic in the left-hand lane will need to merge into the stopped right-hand lane traffic waiting to turn right into Stoney Creek Road. So the LH lane will be stopped waiting to merge right. Hence the LH lane is mostly NOT free of congestion by removing parked vehicles as suggested.
  • An impartial observer will find that traffic flows are quite good during the 10am to 3pm period, except for the inevitable congestion caused by traffic lights.
  • Residential parking in nearby streets is already at a premium and creating restricted parking in these streets to accommodate business customers only compounds that problem.
  • It is all very well to provide ''alternate business parking'' near a shopping strip if it is extensive and easily accessible on both sides, but in Bexley the proposed alternative parking is neither.

These extended clearways are not warranted, will not make any significant improvement in traffic flow and are not in the best interests of businesses, customers or residents in the area.

Reg Hyndman, Bexley

I recently received a pamphlet from the NSW RMS about new clearway conditions that would soon exist on Forest Road from 6am to 7pm on workdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends. All day every day.

Increased noise and pollution will result as motorists abandon the M5 with its exorbitant charges and take the 'free' way from Bexley through Arncliffe.

This will lead to an increase in speeding drivers and accidents.

The pamphlet says removing parked cars will make it safer but does not say how or why.

I see pedestrians, regularly crossing the road dodging cars.

Residents maintaining nature strips on footpaths will work in dangerous conditions, vehicles speeding past in the kerbside lane a few centimeters from where they stand.

I have a driveway on my property. I can park off-street but I will miss being able to park outside my home. This inconvenience will be much greater for those without a driveway.

How will elderly people cope with longer distances to cars, what about family get togethers, Christmas, Ramadan etc.

How will couriers and delivery drivers do their job in a safe and convenient manner?

The pamphlet says that timed parking will be put into side streets, it means more time looking for parking and possible conflict.

Existing clearway times have an excellent flow of traffic, from my observation there is no congestion on weekdays or weekends, so why fix something that is not broken?

Karim Hasanic, Arncliffe