Random Acts of Kindness

Help after car side swiped

I would like to thank all who helped me when my car was side swiped at Miranda Fair.

From the three young men asking if I was ok to an off duty police lady who with her kids helped pull the grill off my car in order for me to drive it out of car park.

A special thanks to the lady who witnessed the accident and approached me. Everyone was so nice.

Also the other driver did leave all of her details and could not have been more apologetic.

Carol White

Surefire Passport to stress

A big thank you to Fred, who returned my passport and mobile phone which I dropped at the airport in Sydney on Saturday.

He rang my daughter and waited in the car park until she arrived to hand her the passport and phone.

His honesty is much appreciated and averted an extremely stressful situation.

Vivienne, Sans Souci

Jump start appreciated

A big shout out to Nathan who helped me jump start my car in Allawah last Tuesday afternoon after I left my lights on throughout the day.

He was walking past and could hear me trying to turn over the engine and was kind enough to offer to go and get his van which was parked nearby with jumper leads.

Can't thank him enough for getting the car going and getting me home that night.

Sue, Dolls Point

Phone left in cafe

I absentmindedly left my mobile phone on a table inside a Cronulla cafe recently and was out the door and on my way home before a lovely young lady chased me up the street to hand it back to me. I'm sorry I didn't get your name but thank you so much for your honesty and kindness.

Margaret, Cronulla

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