Photos | Ride the Korean Wave visits Laguna Street Public School for Education Week 2019 celebrations

Laguna Street Public School at Caringbah welcomed Korean visitors to its grounds as part of Education Week celebrations this month.

'Ride the Korean Wave' is a program that brings a swell of culture and colour to schools.

It is organised by the Korean Cultural Centre Australia, which travels with its dancers and musicians.

From traditional drumming to interactive craft and cooking and dress-up classes, pupils had the chance to get up close to a diverse range of vibrant presentations.

Since its launch in 2013, the program has been welcomed by more than 30 schools across Australia.

This year, it was joined by the National Folk Museum of Korea, and BIGABI, non-verbal taekwondo performance group from Seoul.

There were powerful movements from the martial art combined with percussion instruments, which delivered a fusion of kicks and spins, heightened with percussive sounds and rhythm.

Laguna Street Public School is one of the four host schools this year that has adopted Korean language in its curriculum.

It recently opened its Korean language class this year, with 450 pupils enrolled in the course.

Empowering students to speak up and be their best is the focus of Education Week 2019. It aims to ensure children feel informed and supported in their ambitions.