Implants offer a permanent fix for teeth


AFTER: Dental implants look just like your own teeth.

AFTER: Dental implants look just like your own teeth.

Dental implant treatment has become a lot more popular in the last 10 years as a way to replace missing teeth.

Sutherland dental surgeon Zoran Markovski said before the use of dental implants, dentures and bridges were the only options when it came to restoring someone's smile.

"The main disadvantage of dentures is they can be uncomfortable, because they are removable, which means they move around in your mouth, trap food and can be unstable," Dr Markovski said.

"Bridges can replace missing teeth by having two teeth support artificial teeth which are cemented into position and therefore stable, comfortable and feel like natural teeth.

"But the disadvantage is the natural teeth supporting the bridge are shaved back and loaded with all the weight the artificial teeth then have to bear."

He said dental implants were composed of two parts: a titanium screw which is placed into the bone where the original tooth was lost, and an artificial tooth which is attached to the titanium implant.

"A single implant can be used to replace a single missing tooth or several teeth can be replaced by a different combination of implants and artificial teeth," Dr Markovski said.

"A commonly used term today is all-on-four, which means four implants are supporting a prosthesis with around 10 artificial teeth.

"The advantage of dental implants over dentures is that they are fixed and feel like natural teeth. The advantage over a bridge is that the remaining natural teeth are not shaved or have extra loads placed on them."

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Dr Markovski has been practicing in Sutherland since August 2007, having previously worked in Canberra for 10 years.

"I have been performing dental implant treatment since 2008 with my first patient being my mother, who allowed me to place my first three implants," he said.

"I take pride in being able to offer all the steps in the process of dental implant treatment in our surgery, which means the responsibility for a treatment is all undertaken by me.

"And my patients find it convenient to only have to attend the one practice."

Dr Markovski said he and his staff aimed to make patients feel welcome and comfortable and to be able to ask any questions they may have. We want them to feel informed and confident about the treatment they wish to undertake, whether it is complex work like dental implants or a simple filling."

You will find Dr Zoran Markovski's dental surgery at Shop 2, 57-59 Eton Street, Sutherland or phone 9545 5114.

BEFORE: A single missing tooth, or a row of them, can be replaced with implants.

BEFORE: A single missing tooth, or a row of them, can be replaced with implants.