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Your Say | To the Point

Road is always wet

Can anyone explain why there is constant water on the near lane on the Princes Highway heading north between St George Private Hospital and the retirement village? Seems no matter how long it hasn't rained there is always water on the road. The same road that appears to have been dug up numerous times but the water still persists. Despite us being under water restrictions still the road is wet. Is this a problem with our aging infrastructure and the increase in residences using that infrastructure?

Catherine, Kogarah

Sub-branch's big effort

RE the article "New WWI tribute" (Leader, July 24). A big thank you to Jack Grant and his team, for their big effort for having all the names of those who served in WW1, Navy, Army and Airforce to be remembered in the expanded and enhanced Memorial in Peace Park, Sutherland. Wononora Sub-Branch may be small, but they are big in effort. "Lest we Forget".

Bruce Grimley

Death by a thousand cuts

Regarding the article "Tears follow tree decision" (Leader, July 24), I'm sure years of stress and concern by the resident's could have been avoided if they had simply purchased a property more suiting their landscape tastes. It's a shame this amazing, healthy tree specimen had to pay the price for their purchase. It is also extremely concerning that the ultimate decision regarding tree removal has now been taken out of the hands of experienced professionals and given to politicians with no tree knowledge. This can only lead to a death by a thousand cuts of the shire's urban tree population.

Chris B, Heathcote

A bitter pill to swallow

I recently spent eight days in St George Private Hospital and my pills were placed in a little paper cup. No plastic was involved in what was served at meal times unless it was recyclable. When I was in Kareena Private Hospital the plastic cups that my medication came in had the recycle label on the base of the cup. I had about 10 cups sitting on my tray and I said here you are to the nurse - "we must recycle". She replied we do not recycle anything here. She said she had even been to a board meeting and brought the subject up and was told by the board it was too expensive to recycle. This is outrageous.

Elizabeth King, Sutherland