New book of poems on Cronulla attractions and memories

Iain Winton with his new book of poems, My Cronulla. Picture: Chris Lane
Iain Winton with his new book of poems, My Cronulla. Picture: Chris Lane

Sutherland Shire author Iain Winton has reached into an area close to his heart with his latest book.

My Cronulla is a self-published collection of poems, accompanied by many of Mr Winton's own photos.

"Having always wanted to promote our area, I thought a poetry book supported by photography, may be of interest, especially as tourism is on the increase in the shire," he said.

Poems in My Cronulla cover many of the area's attractions and events, and also rekindle memories of the past.

Joe's Milk Bar at North Cronulla.

Joe's Milk Bar at North Cronulla.

This is his poem on the iconic Joe's Milk Bar at North Cronulla.


Joe's Milk Bar was the place to be,

In the 60s when we were young and free,

A Chico roll and the best milk shake,

And right beside the Alley break.

Summers inside were cool and dim,

While the winter sun could sneak right in,

There we'd mag about waves with mates,

Or on who'd take who on the Saturday dates.

And as the suntanned girls went by,

We'd look at them and give a sigh,

Or admire the 'boardies' out in the surf,

Carving up the Alley, which was their turf.

Joe's place has gone, and 'Northies' too,

The 'Red house' no longer stands in view,

But, way back then nothing could mar,

The days we spent at Joe's Milk Bar

Mr Winton has previously self-published two books of poems as well as an Australian Christmas story, Wally the Hair Nosed Wombat.

His memoir The Last of the Lucky Childhoods, an account of growing up in Glasgow in 1940s and 50s, is due to be published in Britain this year.

  • The book is available at Anna's Coffee Shop next to Monro Park, Cronulla Ferries office in Cronulla, Cronulla Library, or by calling: 422 963 753.