Man armed with a knife assaults police at Sutherland

A Cronulla man who was carrying a knife through Sutherland last night has been charged with drug possession and assaulting a police officer.

Sutherland Police were called to the intersection of Linden Street and The Grand Parade just before 8pm and arrested the man, 29, at gun point.

He was allegedly also carrying heroin, prescription medication and a drug implement.

Before being transported in a caged police truck, the man allegedly assaulted two officers. They were not hurt.

He was taken to Sutherland Police Station, and then Sutherland Hospital for suspected intoxication.

It will be alleged he attempted to escape while being treated in the ambulance, however he was restrained.

He was charged with resisting an officer in execution of duty, three counts of assaulting an officer in execution of duty, escaping police custody, possessing equipment for administering prohibited drugs, two counts of possessing/attempting to prescribed a restricted substance), two counts of possessing a prohibited drug, supplying a prohibited drug - indictable quantity, carrying a cutting weapon upon apprehension, and wielding a knife in a public place.

Police will also allege he was involved in an armed robbery at a Sutherland home earlier in the night, and was charged with robbery while armed with a dangerous weapon, and destroying or damage property.

He was refused bail and will appear at Sutherland Local Court today, August 23.