The Shire's new Lone Star Fiesta

FIESTA: El Camino Cantina Miranda officially opens at 11am on Friday, August 30 and is set to take local foodies by storm.
FIESTA: El Camino Cantina Miranda officially opens at 11am on Friday, August 30 and is set to take local foodies by storm.

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THE Shire's multicultural culinary melting pot will gain a new flavour this week when Rockpool Dining Group Chief Executive Officer, and native Texan, Thomas Pash brings a taste of his homeland to Westfield Miranda with the launch of El Camino Cantina on Friday, August 30.

El Camino Cantina is Sydney's premier dining venue for authentic Tex-Mex dishes and Margaritas and it's taking foodies by storm.

Mr Pash has opened a number of Cantinas across the country, including one in both The Rocks and Manly, and another opening soon at the Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park, and no matter where he goes, locals can't get enough of it.

Short for Texan-Mexican, Tex-Mex fuses traditional Mexican flavours (Tejanos) with Spanish, Native American and contemporary American influences to produce the Loan Star State's favourite meals.

The rich and diverse ethnic make-up of the southern state, which was once part of Mexico, has helped to give the cuisine its unique, full flavour.

It's distinct from Mexican cuisine and a legitimate culinary culture in its own right. Mr Pash's cravings for true Tex-Mex cuisine revealed a gap in the Sydney dining scene, so he created El Camino Cantina to fill that void.

The menu is packed with familiar dishes like tacos, nachos, naked burritos and sizzling fajitas but each has a distinctively Americana influence.

So, there's succulent grilled meats, a variety of cheeses, heaps of guacamole and tantalising fresh salsas. Not to mention the fact that Tex-Mex is almost synonymous with ice-cold margaritas!

El Camino's famous, and huge, margaritas are served frozen and on the rocks in a rainbow of flavours, including classic, mango and strawberry.

"We take a no holds barred approach to all things Tex-Mex," Mr Pash explained.

"We're proud of our roots and don't pretend to be Mexican. In Austin, where I'm from, you'll find a great Tex-Mex restaurant on every corner and it's mandatory to get your weekly Tex-Mex and margarita fix," he continued.

On his journey of pure passion, Mr Pash not only wanted to share authentic Tex-Mex flavours with his new Aussie countrymen, but also a genuine Tex-Mex atmosphere.

That's why the one thing all of his Cantinas have in common is that they're big, rambunctious, vivacious and brimming with satisfied diners.

El Camino Cantina Miranda is located on the roof top level of Westfield shopping centre and seats 280.

It includes a festively-lit, heated, 180-seat outdoor terrace with panoramic views of Sydney.

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Story sponsored by El Camino Cantina.

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