Plan for your future needs with a home lift


SO VERSATILE: Compact Home Lift models can be installed in your existing home without major building work.

SO VERSATILE: Compact Home Lift models can be installed in your existing home without major building work.

When an accident, illness or disability requires the use of a walker or wheelchair it can make it difficult to remain independently mobile in your home.

One of the easiest ways to open up access to a home that has stairs is to install a residential lift - and it doesn't have to mean costly and intrusive building works.

Compact Home Lifts co-founder Damien Boyle said many of their customers chose to install a lift to ''future-proof'' their home against the mobility restrictions of illness or age.

''Our larger lift, the Compact Elegance Plus, accommodates a wheelchair and provides easy access for users to their garages or first floors,'' Mr Boyle said.

''The Elegance Plus has a wide entry point to make it easier to get in and out of the lift, and the entrance incorporates a ramp.''

Satisfied customer David Hassett has a degenerative brain condition which affects his balance and may one day mean he is confined to a wheelchair.

The 73-year-old and his wife Maria, 67, had a Compact Home Lift installed to ensure his access to all areas of their home.

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''I find it difficult maintaining balance and I'm hopeless going down stairs,'' he said. ''So our Compact Home Lift is the perfect solution to let us stay in our home of 25 years for a lot longer.''

Compact Home Lifts have automatic doors and a through-car design that makes it possible for both wheelchair and walker users to enter on one side at one level and leave from the other side on the next floor.

With a footprint of 1.45 square metres, the Elegance Plus can be retrofitted in most Australian homes, Mr Boyle said.

They can be installed beside stairs, alongside a hallway or in the centre of a room. They can even be hidden in a cupboard. Powered from a standard 10A power outlet - the same type used by a television or home appliance - they are designed to strict Australian lift codes.

''All our lifts are very safe,'' Mr Boyle said. ''They all have an overload sensor, out of balance safety switch, emergency stop switch, concealed mobile phone and more."

They can be installed in one to two days by Compact Home Lift's own professional building service who will deal with every aspect of the job from site survey and building works to installation and after service.

"We are the home lifts experts and a one stop shop," Mr Boyle said.