There's something about Mary

Dragons coach Paul McGregor.
Dragons coach Paul McGregor.

Re the article ''Responsibility lies with me: McGregor'' (Leader, September 4).

Then fall on your sword and get out of there. I'd rather see someone else have a go at coaching than see McGregor fail for 7 years running.

Mandeep Gupta

McGregor you should pack up your things and walk out, your judgement and decision in picking teams and throughout games is getting worse, for the sake of a great club on your way.

Brett Maloney

If you had one ounce of pride in our club, you would be too embarrassed to turn up to work another day. Just resign already. Show us that you truly do love the RED V.

Tom Petrovski

I think they got "resign" and "re-sign" mixed up on Mary's contract!

Dan John

If he TRULY believed that, he would do the honourable thing and resign.

Tony Whiddon

The dangers and perils of knee-jerk reactions to extend contracts based on a 5 or 6 game block. Should never happen.

David Carey

Second last this year and last next next unless they sack Mary now! Theyve played rubbish footy all year and shown no heart. Breaks my heart to see a team Ive supported for 52 years go down the gurgler like this.

Stuart Jeff Maurice

A mate's sister who follows the Dragons reckons they should make James Graham capt/coach of the forwards and let the backs run themselves. Team gets picked from 1-17 by online popular vote by the membership each week. Boosts member involvement, saves money and all responsibility for performance rests with the players.

David Talintyre

You could get a coach from park footy for a fifth of what you are getting paid and get better results.

Ross Conwell