Bank branch closure hurts loyal customers

Closed: The former Commonwealth Bank branch had operated in Gymea since at least the 1950s.
Closed: The former Commonwealth Bank branch had operated in Gymea since at least the 1950s.

Re the article "Bank closure shocks many: Gymea CommBank branch shuts" (Leader, September 4).

Commonwealth Bank has not only closed its Gymea NSW branch but taken away its ATM machines as well. This follows them also having just removed their ATM from Kirrawee. Now that the residents of Kirrawee and Gymea are forced to go to Sutherland for their banking - maybe we should all pull our money out of the Commonwealth and use one of the other banks at Sutherland instead!

J Casey, Kirrawee

Another one? It's so,hard to find a commonwealth bank these days, even the ATMs are disappearing. Not good, CommBank. So hard on the elderly who have banked with them all their lives.

Maureen Jones

Moving closer to a cashless society, bit by bit. The Westpac in Sutherland has gone, with no ATM replacement. The big banks will only be located in Westfield before long.

Geoff Marks

Feel sorry for the elderly when they close convenient branches - just like Ramsgate. It's about time they think of that but all they care about is $$$$. Terrible form.

Kym Liakatos

Just use a Post Office for withdrawals. And change to another financial institution. No reason for loyalty these days!

Tracey Barrell

It may be socially deplorable, but there was warning. Barry Collier fought so hard to have the bank retain the branch some years ago - it was a great win for the local community. But, the banks have still to show the social conscience that we should have from such a key industry. Nothing much changes with them.

George Cotis

Fewer branches, bigger profits, fewer staff.

Andrew Spurway

This bank was the last one in Gymea for well over 12 years since the last of the big banks closed it's doors. If you visited Gymea over the years you may have met Lisa, Cathie and Sell. Not often these days you walk into a bank and know the faces or their names and they know your Dad. From myself, my father-in-law Joe and brother Tony we say "thank you" to each and everyone one of you past and present. All the very best for the future!

Tess Allison

Not everyone banks on line as many older people don't have the internet. Bad enough taking away the bank but at least leave the ATM. A lot of people like me need cash for newspaper, coffee etc and not everyone taps their mobile to pay for things. A lot of people forget what they have spent on their cards. I prefer to withdraw a certain amount and only use that so as not to overspend.

Carol Swensen

It's like St George in Engadine. Many moons ago I did construction work on that place to make improvements for employees. Back then there was from memory about eight tellers desks. I walked in not so long ago to be met with what seemed like a long hallway not a bank - walls put up. There was only one internet console (I put 4 in back then), no more reception to be met with a nice smile - only two teller windows with someone actually behind them - it'll close soon I reckon.

Todd Rogers

Every time I went in there they told me to go to the machine outside and do my transaction, I refused and told them if I did they would be out of a job!!! Ouch ladies!

De Haan Kim Pete

Bad enough closing the branch but to also take away the atms shows they don't care.

Liz Audet