New stage show celebrates differences

Watch Me Dance is a new stage show that celebrates differences.

The show is about outsiders in the dance world, trying to find their place in a professional world that expects perfection.

The lead character, Tianna, is a brilliant dancer with a facial deformity that prevents her from getting her work.

She leads her team of misfits, including fresh of juvie, Leo, auditory dyslexic, Paula and 'older' dancer Patricia, to compete, playing the behind the scenes role of choreographer.

But each dancer has their own vulnerability and not only are they facing their bullies and nemesis in the chance to win their dream, but their own demons, finding friendship and hope even when there feels there is none left.

Watch Me Dance is written and directed by Kathy Petrakis who grew up at Bexley and attended St George Girls High.

The show has a cast of 22 dancers and actors, including three locals.

Rees Laird from Oyster Bay plays one of the leading roles - Leo - a talented dancer from the wrong side of the tracks who is stigmatised by his stint in juvenile detention. He joins a group of other misfit dancers to compete for a chance at a dance career.

Jada Subasinghe of Hurstville is a high school student performing as a dancer in the competing hip hop group.

Amy Hofman of Kareela plays the executive producer, Rachel as well as doctor.

Watch Me Dance is playing at ARA Darling Quarter Theatre September 27-29 .