Distracted female pedestrian hit by car while crossing highway at Tempe

A female pedestrian hit by a car on the Princes Highway at Tempe on Monday may have been distracted by her phone as she crossed the road.

Dashcam footage has emerged which shows the distracted 23-year-old as she attempts to cross the busy road and is struck by oncoming traffic around midday.

It appears the woman failed to look both ways before stepping onto the road and did not see the car on her left.

"Emergency services were contacted following reports a pedestrian had been hit by an Audi," a NSW Police spokesperson said.

The disturbing vision shows the woman being struck and thrown forward onto the road surface.

She lays completely motionless as bystanders rush to her aid.

Police later confirmed she was treated at the scene by an off-duty paramedic and firefighter.

The 62-year-old male driver was interviewed by police and inquiries are ongoing.

The woman walked away unscathed.

So far this year 38 pedestrians have been killed on NSW roads.