Updated | Council to reconsider move to ban vehicles without trailers from Sylvania Waters boat ramp car park


Proposed parking restrictions around a Sylvania Waters boat ramp will be reconsidered after unintended consequences were realised.

Sutherland Shire Council, at its meeting on Monday night, deferred a decision a staff recommendation that signs reading 'No Parking - Vehicles with Trailers Excepted' be placed in the Holts Point Place car park.

Many objections followed the Leader's report earlier this month on the proposal after it was endorsed by the council's traffic committee.

Chairman of the committee Cr Tom Croucher said he and another councillor were not present at the meeting where the decision was made.

"[The proposal] solves one problem but creates a whole lot of other problems," he said.

Cr Croucher said Holts Point Place was a residential street, with a need for visitor parking for homes.

"The area has a seawall and beach - people walk there, kids play there," he said.

"The boat ramp also needs maintenance.

"The proposal is going to affect people in unintended ways."


Restrictions are proposed for a Sylvania Waters boat ramp car park, which is increasingly being used for boat and truck storage and repairs and maintenance work.

Sutherland Shire Council staff have recommended the installation of signs reading 'No Parking - Vehicles with Trailers Excepted' in the Holts Point Place car park.

Nearby residents have been complaining to the council about the situation for more than two years.

Complaints include foreshore builders parking trucks, barges and boat trailers for long periods of time, storing materials such as sand and paint and undertaking works involving pipe cutting, angle grinding, painting and loading/unloading of materials by crane.

Residents also reported private boat owners storing and working on their large pleasure craft.

A staff report said attempts to make contact with commercial operators, to request them to use alternative boat ramp facilities where there was less impact on residential amenity, had proven unsuccessful.

The council's traffic committee looked at the problems in March 2018 but deferred a decision on parking restrictions.

In October last year, the council approved continuous yellow edge lines east and west of the angled parking area and providing six wider parking spaces to improve parking manoeuvres.

However, residents continued to raise concerns, leading to the situation being revisited.

A decision will be made at the October 21 council meeting.