Insurance premium levy, give us a break

An Emergency Services Levy (ESL) is imposed on private persons and commercial entities that insure their property and motor vehicles.

Questions need to be raised and those questions open up a series of other issues and an alert.

Why are the prudent that insure buildings, contents, businesses, construction works, vehicles unfairly selected against to fund the fire brigade and emergency services?

The uninsured, a reasonably high number, receive these services free of charge!

Another question: Why is the cost to run the Police Force funded out of the State Budget and the cost to run fire and emergency services, e.g. Fire Brigade, funded by a select group that insure?

These are similar community services that benefit everyone.

This unfair charge on those that insure their property is not fair and equitable.

The cost to fund emergency services is no different from a community perspective to that of police operations.

The State Budget should fund both, these are similar services.

A suggested initial phasing out program should see the ESL charge on personal insurance premiums abolished. The ESL charge to continue on commercial property insurance.

Reason, the standing and actual costs to attend incidents at commercial properties is exceptionally high and outweighs the cost to attend personal property incidents.

The commercial insurance policies that incur the ESL include all commercial/industrial buildings, contents, high rise buildings, volatile industrial operations, construction work of all dimensions and vehicles.

Strata home units should also continue to pay due to the need to have fire equipment and services available to attend high rise properties.

In time the ESL to be abolished on commercial and strata insurance premiums too.

To cap off this unfair charge on insurance premiums, the recent State Budget imposed a 14 per cent increase to the existing ESL paid by the "select group" that insure.

This charge is compounded by GST and Stamp Duty charged on insurance premiums. The alert.

Any government that adopted this suggestion would receive plaudits.

Garry Hooper, Illawong