3Bridges Community holds End of Life Choices seminar

The topic that people find difficult to discuss was finally aired last week at the End of Life Choices seminar held by 3Bridges Community.

The presentations provoked thoughts about the importance of Advance Care Planning, having a conversation about death and one's preferences at end of life.

They also touched on the financial and legal matters related to end of life, palliative care, organ donation and memorial services.

End of Life Choices was a 3Points Connect event where 3Bridges brings together community members and business leaders to discuss important topics.

Participants discussed whether talking about dying diminish its fears and lead to better planning and support.

Topics covered included how do we ensure our wishes and preferences are respected, and what steps should we consider and what difference would our decisions have on us and our families.

"Speakers who volunteered their time to present on a topic about which some people find it difficult to discuss," a 3Bridges spokesperson said.

Speakers included Merran Cooper of Touchstone Life Care, Karen Buckley of Death Cafe, Jayne Humphreys who spoke Financial and Legal Services and Caroline Belfanti on Palliative and Bereavement Support, along with Caroline Dowe from Woronora Memorial Park and Lisa O'Reilly from Donate Life.

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