'I speak for the science'

Don't shoot the messengers: The Extinction Rebellion rally in Sydney on October 7. Picture: Dean Sewell
Don't shoot the messengers: The Extinction Rebellion rally in Sydney on October 7. Picture: Dean Sewell

I don't usually reply to replies to my letters, but where climate change is concerned I will make an exception.

My original letter (Your View Sept 25) was in support of Kate Andrews letter (Your View September 4th) warning us all that we are living in the window of opportunity, now, to turn back catastrophic global warming.

I also wrote in support of the students who are listening to the science and speaking out to encourage adults to do more while the window is open.

Two gentleman replied to some elements within my letter and it is their letters (Your View October 2nd) that I write in reply to.

Firstly to Mr D. Walford, my father and his brothers fought in the Second World War to make the world a safer, better, freedom loving place. I have a son currently serving and my understanding of the scientific facts is that the world will not be a safer, better, freer place for his children if climate change continues on its' current trajectory.

My son may be called upon to deal with the effects of increasing natural disasters and civil unrest in his lifetime. Our Defence Forces are currently factoring the effects of climate change into their projections.

To Mr J.Caldbeck, your letter may have been intended to mock because I made no suggestions as to what anyone should do to help the planet but the point is, shouldn't we at least try and do as much as we each individually can, for the sake of our children, their children and forebears such as my father who sacrificed his health and life expectancy for the sake of future generations.

Stating the obvious, that countries such as China and India are greater CO2 polluters, does not absolve us from the responsibility to do what we can and not wait for others to take responsibility and show leadership.

Given current leadership on climate change is generally lacking, waiting for effective leadership may be too late.

The student climate strikers get this and disparaging them is, as Brian Nixon (Your View October 2) said, all about shooting the messenger.

I speak in support of the science. I'm not telling others what to do, but I am inviting others to be willing to change their thinking and do what they can. We are all in this together, for better or worse.

Helen Mabbutt, Gymea Bay