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Be more considerate

There is no doubt traffic on our roads is getting worse, its the unfortunate flow-on effect of living in a beautiful part of Sydney. We have two choices - continuously whinge about "other drivers" (because we're all above average drivers) or maybe do something really simple - be a little more observant and considerate. My personal pet hate is people holding others up while driving in the right hand lane, especially in 80km/h zones (it is illegal). On Taren Point Bridge, General Homes Drive, M6, M1, M5 it is rife throughout the day and it causes endless frustration. If someone behind wants to go faster than me I let them through - if nothing else it keeps police in a job.

Gavin B, Caringbah

Enough of sewage spills

Few Sydney residents would be aware that, 25 years after the completion of the deep ocean sewer outfalls, pollution of suburban waterways such as creeks and rivers continues. There are frequent sewer overflows into Lime Kiln Bay and Myles Dunphy Reserve in Oatley. As Sydney Water turned a $546 million profit in the 2017-18 financial year, it's high time it upgraded its pipelines, and Mark Coure, MP is well-placed to bring about a quick resolution. Locals have had enough ("Meeting over sewage spill in wetlands, September 18).

James Deli, Oatley

Charge $10 for a trolley

RE the article "Action on trolleys" (Leader, September 18). This could be solved over night , Make Georges River Council legislate all supermarkets to charge $10 to release trolley from store. Refundable on return, it's not rocket science.

Brian Brown

No need for speed change

It is most disappointing to read that Mark Coure is organising a petition to have the speed limit reduced in the Riverwood Shopping area. At present we have three perfectly functioning sets of pedestrian lights in the shopping precinct. Concerns for pedestrian safety should the speed limit drop to 40km/h means a fine of at least $119 for a driver going 5km/h over the new limit. A reduced speed limit in my opinion is simply another revenue raising exercise. A survey would in this instance be more appropriate than a petition.This way for and against could have their say.

Elaine Cameron Peakhurst