Councillor slams bay cruise terminal plans

RE the article "Huge impacts on Bayside: Port Botany cruise ship hub progressed" (Leader, September 25).

With the utmost respect, has this proposal looked at the environmental impacts of the necessary dredging on the tidal and sand movements in Botany Bay?

Over the years and most recently the sand movements have ravaged, the beach front at Sandringham adjacent to Pine Park, Vanstone Parade, decimated the baths at Dolls Point and shifted the sand away from Ramsgate Beach.

Essentially the recent dredging of the Port has made the Groins installed over 10 years ago become superfluous. The cost of improved commerce on the northern side of the bay has caused devastation on the western side of the bay.

Asking the community to have their say without technical studies on the ramification of the proposed project is audacious to say the least.

Assuming that all is addressed environmentally then how will the influx of visitors be accommodated on the ageing road network which is already clogged up with container movements most days.

There will be the superfluous exercise of engaging consultants to tell the community that the traffic issues are fixable and they will also engage the experts from transport for NSW who have a real interest in keeping the roads" full and on the move".

Far be it for the community to respond positively to a two and 1/2 page flyer without the necessary supporting research on traffic movements and environmental issues.

Bayside Council has recently secured funds to renourish the beach at Ramsgate at a cost of over $500K ... only a fraction of what is required for restoring the many issues of Lady Robinsons Beach and the Port Authority wants to make the matter worse.

Bayside Councillor Andrew Tsounis