Glass louvres and fixed glass windows to block wind and rain at 'brick pit' shopping centre

The southern end of South Village shopping centre at Kirrawee will be enclosed to block wind and rain, which have caused numerous complaints since its opening a year ago.

Centre manager Mirvac has received approval to fill in the existing opening to the mall with glass louvres and fixed glass windows.

The louvres will shut automatically in response to wind and rain.

Sutherland Shire Council approved the rectification work, which is estimated to cost $281,000.

The wind tunnel from the southern end, facing Flora Street, became apparent as soon as the centre opened on the former brick pit site on November 14, 2018.

The modification application (MA) to the originally approved plans said the default position for the proposed louvres would be open "to retain passive natural ventilation of the mall".

However, during high winds or rain, the louvres would automatically close.

"During inclement weather, the amenity of the open mall at its southern end has been compromised by strong winds and driving rain," the MA said.

"With dining seats/tables and retail tenancies addressing this part of the mall, the amenity provided for shoppers, diners and retailers is inadequate and the centre manager has received numerous complaints.

"As a large amount of water enters the shopping centre during severe weather events, safety issues also arise given the high risk of people slipping."

The modifications were designed by Turner, the architect for the South Village development.

"The modifications have been designed as a seamless element," the MA said.

Mirvac Retail portfolio manager Ben Conlon acknowledged wind was a problem in an interview with the Leader shortly after the centre opened.

Mr Conlon said feedback from customers and tenants was very positive, adding, "but we have received feedback about wind through the centre and that is something we are investigating.

"The southern end of the centre is open and the doors at the north-western end are perforated, so still effectively open, he said.

We are mindful the centre was designed to be very open and connect with the outside, and we have had a lot of positive feedback about that.

"But, we are also assessing the wind situation to see how it plays out and to look at what options we might be able to implement."