Cameras can deter vandalism

Re "Vandals blitz Oatley's new playground" (Leader, October 9).

This makes me so angry to see such graffiti been done at Oatley and Como. The councils are trying to beautify these areas and make them a place to enjoy and walk in safety. I am sure their parents would not appreciate this scrawl over their fences or walkways.

Anne Cook

I used to run a business selling trail cameras which can be moved about and used to monitor for graffiti - I offered several times to Hurstville, then Georges River Council, with no reply. Liverpool and Camden Councils have used them and many interstate councils bought them as well, often to target rubbish dumping. This news - and that of Como Bridge - suggests to me that any new public works like this that are liable to attract malicious damage early, could be monitored through the use of cameras for some months after opening. Such a shame. If those responsible are caught they should serve 12 months' community service on Saturdays cleaning graffiti.

Chris Rehberg

I believe council should install cameras for safety reasons and they may help deter this sort behavior too!

Martha Hudson

Surprised? The council really should be protecting it for the first 6 months with cameras.

Glen Coombs

If young kids are doing this, the parents should be charged with neglect and made to clean it up!

Sandra Mihopoulos

Idle hands. Hardly a coincidence it happened during the school holidays. Bring back discipline and consequences.

Chris Craddock

Very sad, what does vandalism achieve. Graffiti is so senseless.

Adele Kelly

Not graffiti vandals, just pathetic losers.

Rhonda Munro