'Selfishness' shocked carer

I was taking my mum out in her wheelchair to go for a walk in the glorious sunshine recently.

It was a struggle getting her out of the car as the car next to me had parked very close to the line. The driver then opened her door -I was hoping she'd offer to move, or help - but she asked me to hurry up so she could get out to fetch her son from school.

I replied politely that I was doing my best to do so; she responded by telling me to be sure not to touch her car. When I responded that she could have parked further over, she became abusive, and asked why I wasn't using a disability parking spot?

I was stunned at her lack of consideration and kindness. Not concerned at my struggle, or my mum's discomfort, but just worried about her huge petrol guzzling car. After all, having a wheelchair does not preclude you from using "normal" parking spots!

Such ignorant people are a symptom of an increasing selfishness and lack of concern for the elderly that is worrying; a desire to shove them in retirement homes where they can't "bother" anyone. Out of sight, out of mind.

I wonder if she would take her mother out, or if anyone will be taking her out in the sunshine when she is old?

Lindi, Caringbah South