Hidden camera in water bottle films women on Lady Robinsons Beach, Brighton

The discovery of a hidden camera in a water bottle used to secretly film sunbathers Lady Robinsons Beach at Brighton-Le-Sands Beach has outraged residents.

Tourist Michelle Montcourt issued a warning on Facebook for residents to beware following the incident.

Camera hidden in water bottle films women at Brighton Le Sands beach

At first, Michelle was annoyed when a man left a water bottle on the sand near her while she was sunbathing around 3pm yesterday.

Thinking it was litter she picked it up to find a camera hidden inside.

"I was in Brighton-Le Sands-Beach tanning and noticed a man around 30-years-old walk by and place what seemed to be a bottle of water directly behind me," Michelle said on Facebook.

"I saw it and thought to myself, I can't believe he left his rubbish on the beach. So I picked it up to throw it away and noticed there was a hidden camera inside.

"He left running when I saw the camera inside the water bottle."

Michelle said she left the beach feeling very scared by the incident.

She has been visiting Australia from Mexico for the past three months and leaves Sydney on Sunday.

"I have been going regularly to Brighton beach but after this I won't be going back," she said.

"I love Australia but I am shocked by these types of people and how they can be around."

The water bottle camera appears to be a professional installation.

The Leader was alerted to the incident by reader Aimee Edwards.

"The man had used original San Beweketto packaging surrounding the small blue bottle to conceal a recording device, battery pack and memory card holder," Aimee said.

"Images from the recording device have been lifted and are being shared in efforts to find more information."

Michelle described the incident on the Brighton-Le-Sands Residents Action Group Facebook page.

Michelle posted that included on the camera's memory was footage of mums and kids taken all along the beach.

"We need to support each other. It could be your mother with your child," she said.

Residents posted on the Action Group Facebook page expressing their outrage.

"What a grub. I'm always at that beach. Please take it to the police immediately."

Other comments included:

"Find him and have him banned from the beach."


"What a creep."

"He needs to be put away."

"Girls have to be aware."

"Thanking you for letting us know. My girls and I always go there."

St George Police have been notified and are currently investigating.

More to come from Bayside Council and police.