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Dog poo bag disposal

The amount of dog poop bags that I see discarded on the side of popular walks in the Sutherland Shire or just thrown on someone's front lawn is disgusting. As most (not all) have taken the responsibility to carry plastic bags on their dog walk to pick up the poop, it is also their responsibility to take the loaded bag back to their home to dispose of. It is certainly not my responsibility to provide my red bin for you to dispose into. I will have maybe five bags in my red bin which start to smell especially during the hotter months. Some people also feel its okay to walk up my driveway to my bin parked at the side on my house and drop a bag in. When I collect my bin following the weekly council collection there is often a couple of bags already deposited which then have a full week to offload its aroma. It's your dog, it's your responsibility.

Patrick Doyle, Gymea Bay

Kaufland fan

Re the article "Giant eyes shire: Kaufland negotiates supermarket site" (Leader, October 16). I have been shopping in Kaufland Germany. It is a great store I would look forward to shopping there.

Irma Alexander

Mayoral manoeuvres

RE "Kevin Greene re-elected as mayor" (Leader, October 16). It was a shame that no other Georges River councillors put their hands up for the positions of mayor and deputy. Since Kevin Greene had already served two years as mayor, he could have stood aside so that another councillor could gain valuable leadership experience. At least there were no behind-the-scenes Hurstville Council-style manoeuvres. Or were there?

Lily Chan, Hurstville

Let 'big end of town' pay

Why are we relying on grants and ratepayers money to fix Ramsgate Beach? Why aren't the big end of town who caused this problem footing the bill? Sydney Airport - The Ports Authority and the geniuses who advised the building of the groynes in the bay should be paying to repair the damage.

Tony Jackson, Carss Park