The Originals: Innaburra students have a strong sense of purpose


SHARED SPACE: The senior learning commons area creates a space to study and interact with fellow students.

SHARED SPACE: The senior learning commons area creates a space to study and interact with fellow students.

Inaburra School was founded in 1982 by the Menai Baptist Church.

In the early days the school was housed temporarily at Gymea Baptist Church while the first stage of the Inaburra complex was built on the Billa Road, Bangor site it occupies today.

The Christian co-educational independent school began as a high school with the junior school being added in 1989. By 1991, it was a full K-12 school.

Community relations director Monique Clement said on that first day in 1982, the student body comprised 84 students in Years 7 and 8.

Today the school has a student body of more than 1000 students and it continues to grow.

Mrs Clement said the school had expanded rapidly both in terms of the number of enrolments and the facilities on offer.

"Some of the recent developments have included the opening in 2011 of a 650-seat performing arts centre and state-of-the-art learning spaces in 2017," Mrs Clement said. "This newest building includes a Stage 3 Learning Centre, Senior School Learning Commons and Junior School sensory playground.

"These building projects are just the latest in a succession of innovative learning spaces and facilities that have been built in stages at Inaburra over 37 years."

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Mrs Clements said when Sutherland Baptist Church relocated to Menai and became Menai Baptist Church it was their dream to establish a local Christian school.

"At that time, Menai was a growing area and the church identified the need for more schools," she said. "Something that is remarkable about Inaburra is the number of long-term staff, demonstrating the strong commitment of teachers and support staff to the school and its students."

The mission of the school is to provide a Christ-centred learning community pursuing excellence in education with every individual known and loved.

Since its foundation, Inaburra has had a reputation for being an innovative, forward thinking school, with strengths in media and the performing arts.

It has a long tradition of being known for its sense of community and commitment to the pastoral care of its students. The school's goal is for its students to leave with the skills and mindset to be life-long learners.

Innaburra's principal James Pietsch says: "As a school, we seek to provide a vibrant learning community for our students, parents and staff. In the end, however, it is the nature of the learning community we create which is the best indicator of our success."

Innaburra is at 75-85 Billa Road, Bangor. Phone 9543 2533.

BREATHE IT IN: The junior school's sensory playground.

BREATHE IT IN: The junior school's sensory playground.