Mayor responds to criticism of Cronulla beach toilets closure

Mayor Carmelo Pesce has responded to criticism of the closure of public toilets at Cronulla beach for five months, saying he and other councillors are not involved in all of the council's day to day operations.

Temporary male and female toilet blocks have been set up at the top of Cronulla Park next to the car park during the upgrading of the beachside facilities.

A toilet for people with a disability will be located near the outdoor showers adjoining the beach.

Sutherland Shire Council erected signs without warning on Thursday, advising the toilets attached to the surf club would be closed from Monday, November 4 until the end of March, 2020.

The decision led to a barrage of criticism after the Leader broke the story.

Cr Pesce responded to one of the hundreds of posts on the Leader Facebook page, which described the decision as "Fawtly Towers stuff".

"Why is Cronulla failing?" the writer asked.

"Is it the 28 empty shops? Or the 'no left turn' into Cronulla Street? What about the car parking and the useless stacker? No, it's stupid inane decisions like this one by incompetents.

"Why wouldn't Carmelo Pesce, when this came across his desk, thumped the table and rolled a few heads.

"This is a stupid, ill-considered stuff up of monumental proportions.

"The jewel of Sydney's beaches, the only one accessible by train, goes without reasonable public facilities for all of summer."

Cr Pesce replied, "I'd like to point out that councillors and the mayor are not involved in all of the day to day operations of council.

"Because of the nature of what has been brought to my attention, I today sat down with senior staff who are working with the surf club and contractors, and asked them to explore any other options we may have to provide amenities closer to the beachfront.

"With the assistance and support of the Cronulla Sports Pavilion, we have been able to secure shower facilities for ladies within the pavilion in addition to the temporary facilities that will be located within Cronulla Park.

"Due to delays with the upgrade works at the adjoining Surf Club, the toilet works that were meant to be finished by December have unfortunately been delayed too.

"I know this is not ideal, but the end goal is to provide new, enhanced facilities for our whole community to utilise for many years to come."

Other Facebook comments included:

  • Why do they always do these things at the busiest time of the year?
  • Why on earth would anyone think the summer is a good time to do this? Seriously? You've had all winter to do it.
  • Poor planning, lack of respect for locals and visitors, doing it when it will most inconvenience people.
  • Great for the hundreds of kids and parents at Nippers every Sunday for the next 5 months. Good planning!
  • Portable toilets for 5 months during the middle of summer? The smell will be awesome.
  • Look on the bright side - at least there will be brand new ones ready for Easter !