Ox King mural of 'god of snakes' a hit at Cronulla Walk the Walls

One of the largest and most popular murals at Cronulla Walk the Walls is of a giant sea snake.

Steven Nuttall (aka Ox King) transformed the largely blank back wall, which has a steel staircase running down it.

"We have had a lot of good reaction, he said.

"People are pretty excited about it. They like the way it wraps around the stairs and incorporates them.

"It's very recognisable as a snake, so the kids are pretty excited.

"Its kind of my own creation but based on the tree snake - a fantastical being, like a symbol of the god of snakes."

Nuttall, of Wolli Creek, said working in the sun on the west-facing wall had been "pretty brutal".

"The upside is the sun doesn't hit you directly until 3-4 o'clock," he said.