Janette's Bexley backyard is Bayside's best

Janette Byrne has worked hard to create her own little piece of paradise in her Bexley backyard.

Last week she saw the fruits of her efforts recognised when she won the Best Backyard category in the 2019 Bayside Gardening Awards.

Her garden won praise from the judges for its resort-style feel.

"It's a mixture of natives and tropical plans," Janette said. "The natives are the larger trees, myrtles and ferns.

"I've created for myself my own little piece of paradise and my retreat away from the crazy, busy life of Sydney."

Irish-born Janette, who works for Qantas, previously won the council's Award for best water-wise garden for her courtyard when she lived in Botany.

When Janette bought her home in Bexley 11 years ago the backyard was overgrown.

"But it was the garden attracted me. I didn't even consider the house," she said.

"That's why I was so excited to hear after Rockdale and Botany merged that Bayside Council was having a Best Garden competition," she said.

"I'm not a horticulturalist. I've taken my ideas from the TV show Better Homes and Gardens," Janette said.

"My favourite colours are purple and green and that's why I've incorporated the colours into my gardening.

"A lot of my influences I get from when I go on holiday to Thailand. I love the gardens there and I've tried to bring that holiday resort style back home.

"I'm out her every day when I get home from work," she said. "I especially like listening to the birds.

"A garden is somewhere where you can feel at peace, where you can read and have friends over and enjoy the surroundings."