Beach Water Polo Fours to return to Bundeena on January 12, 2020

Following the success of their 2017 and 2018 events at Horderns Beach, Bundeena, Beach Water Polo Fours will return home on January 12 for their second tournament of the summer season.

Identifying an opportunity to move away from the intense competitive environment, Beach Water Polo Fours aims to showcase the sport to new players in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

While participants play the modified game of traditional water polo in inflatable fields, spectators can watch on from boats, inflatable flamingos and paddle boards.

The competition in the shire has introduced some new faces to the sport as well as given some players a chance to come out of retirement. Cronulla Olympian Nicola Zagame has featured at both Bundeena events, the 2017 event being her first game of water polo since the 2012 Rio Olympics.

"Beach Water Polo Fours is all about being active and enjoying the outdoors. It's a great atmosphere and I always have so much fun," Zagame said.

Managing director of Beach Water Polo Fours and National League Water Polo champion Scott Nicholson said they were excited to return to the shire.

"We have been extremely lucky to take Beach Water Polo Fours to new beaches around NSW but we are so excited to bring it back to where it all began. Bundeena is such an incredible location," he said.

Registrations for the event are now open.