Shaun and Amy's midwife crisis

It was a Monday morning midwife crisis for Shaun and Amy Cain of Sylvania.

The couple was getting ready for the start of another working week when Amy started going into labour with daughter Luna just before 8am on November 18.

"The contractions were three to five-minutes apart. We realised by 8.15am we weren't going to be able to get into the car and up to the hospital," Shaun said.

"I made the phone call to Triple O. The operator said to get some clean towels because there was a good chance that the baby was going to be born at home.

"It wasn't your average Monday morning," he said.

Fortunately, Shaun's mother, Myrna lives next door and was able to take care of their other daughter, two-year-old Aurora.

An ambulance crew was quickly on the scene but did not have any experience in delivering a baby.

So a second ambulance crew, Carolyn Mosher and Stephanie Wise who had experience in delivering babies were also called to help Amy and Shaun.

"Carolyn and Steph arrived and took over," Shaun said. "They said, 'Let's get ready to deliver a baby at home'.

"They brought a bit of normalacy to the situation. Carolyn talked us through the labour. It was pretty emotional. It took Luna a couple of moments to take a breath and cry. And when she did there was a sigh of relief and happiness."

Carolyn said while she and Stephanie had attended previous home births it was an emotional experience.

"I've worked 34 years as a paramedic and Stephanie 21 years, so we have done a few of these," Carolyn said.

"Amy's husband Shaun was a fantastic help and the two young Ambulance officers, Danny and Trish were very helpful and were having a learning experience in delivering a baby.

"So we all helped Amy in delivering a beautiful 3.5 kilo baby girl, Luna.

"We arrived at about 8.55 am and the baby was delivered about 9.24am.

"From start to finish it was a 90-minute labour so it was very quick."

This week Carolyn and Stephanie were reunited with Shaun and Amy and baby Luna and her sister Aurora.

"This was the sixth baby I helped to deliver and Stephanie's fourth," Carolyn said.

"I would prefer to stay and deliver the baby at home where there is space rather than in the back of a moving ambulance on the way to the hospital."

"It was a wonderful experience. Everybody smiled. Everybody cried. It was a really happy moment.

"The whole ambulance zone a got a buzz from this. We might have delivered the baby but everybody gets a smile and feels part of it.

"We see so much of life ending. To be part of a life beginning is an absolute privilege."