Random Acts of Kindness

Liz's heavy lifting

I visited Spotlight Miranda to purchase a sewing machine and being close to 80 years need a trolley to convey it to the car park on the lower level. I was told by a staff member as there were no trolley's in the shop they would be in the car park below. I returned to the car park and of course no trolley's. Up again to Spotlight where a customer, waiting to be served said she would carry it for me. Elizabeth carried the machine from the back of the store and waited patiently in line until I had paid for it, then carried it to the next level to my car, refusing money I tried to give her for a coffee. I do hope you see this letter Elizabeth,and know your kindness was most appreciated.


Care after a fall

On Thursday, October 24, I was on my way to St George Hospital to have a check up with my doctor. Crossing the road outside my home to catch the bus I had a fall. A very kind young man came to my aid and rang for the ambulance. Neighbours also came around and offered help. I would sincerely like to thank the young man, the ambulance drivers and the emergency department at the hospital. My heartfelt thanks to you all for your kindness.

Elaine, Brighton-Le-Sands

Hearing aids found

Can you imagine my horror when I arrived back at my car after having my hair cut at the Barbers Point hairdresser, Gymea, to find I had dropped my hearing aids somewhere on the walk.

I literally felt sick. I walked back slowly, searching every inch of footpath along the route I had taken. No hearing aids.

I walked in to the Portugese Bakery most distressed, to be told that they had been found and handed to the staff in the café next door. The owner of the bakery took me next door to the Apex Café where the staff handed them over to me. I couldn't thank them enough, but I have to thank the kind person that found them on the footpath and handed them in.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks whoever you are. There are still wonderful people in the world.