International Day of People with Disabilities

More than 150 people marked the International Day of People with Disabilities at the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre recently.

Held in partnership with Georges River Council, Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre organised a successful day's event on November 29.

Service providers attended from Cairnsfoot School, Wesley Mission, Kingsgrove Community and Disability Services, Sunnyhaven Disability Services, Sunnyfields Disability Services and St George School Kogarah.

The centre was alive with bands playing music and signing provided by the disability rock group The Weaklies and dance performances was provided by the Cairnsfoot School and Sunnyhaven Disability Services.

Guests on the day included carers and relatives.

Diana Wehbee Disability Support Officer at Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre welcomed all and acknowledged all those attendees .

"Thank you for joining us in celebrating international day of people with 'abilities' to make their own choices and decisions in life, she said.

There was a loud cheer from all.

The celebration include, music and dancing and there was also a baby animal family and face painting.

"There was much happiness and cheer experienced by all who attended," Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre chief executive officer, Anne Farah Hill said.

"We appear to get bigger and bigger every year we organise this event. People are happy and it brings the community together.

"We thank Georges River Council for their support in partnering with is and we look forward to next year as we plan to start early with the organisation of such events."