Ramsgate Baths to reopen this weekend

The Ramsgate Beach Nourishment Project has been completed on time and the baths will be opened this weekend.

The $770,000 project started in October and saw the council moving 28,0000 cubic metres of sand from the spit near the Georges River 16ft Sailing Club at Sandringham to restore the beach at Ramsgate Baths.

This was accomplished by pumping sand and water through a pipe along the walkway to disgorge at Ramsgate.

Bayside Council needed to complete the project by the beginning of December in order to meet the requirements a $245,000 grant from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage towards the cost of the works.

But despite a hiccup when a temporary sand wall built at Dolls Point as part of the project collapsed due to high tides and strong winds, the council's contractor Neumanns has been able to finish the work on time.

A council spokesperson confirmed today that the project is now complete with the only outstanding item being the removal of the protective fencing.

"This Fencing will be progressively removed commencing Thursday, December 5 and it may take two days to remove all the fence panels," the spokesperson said.

"All going well the baths will be open to the public either late Friday or Saturday morning."