Anglican Care ready to deliver water to drought-stricken Murrurundi

11,000 litres on the way: bone-dry Murrurundi to get more water

Eight pallets of water will travel to Murrurundi on Thursday to help boost the town's drinking water supply.

A team from Anglican Care will deliver the water which has been bought with proceeds from a staff fundraiser.

The initial goal was to raise enough money to buy 4000 bottles, which is equivalent to three pallets, but that was soon broken.

In the end they had enough to buy 11,520 bottles of water - almost 7000 litres.

The water will be dropped off to Reverend Barbara Morgan at St Paul's Anglican Church, who will ensure it is shared within the community.

"It's been really generous the amount of water that has been coming in," she said.

"This water will be stored and as what we have got is depleted we will start distributing these pallets around the town.

"Last Saturday there were trucks and tankers coming through that were heading up as far as Coonabarabran and they left about 26,000 bottles of water here. The community came down and collected it to keep them going."

The town has been on Level 6 water restrictions for 18 months.

Anglican Care's maintenance manager, Graeme, inspired the water fundraiser and the organisation agreed to match every dollar the staff raised during November and December.

"It has been a lovely thing to contribute to a town that is in need in the Anglican Diocese, which we are a part of," Kylie Jacques, Anglican Care's Marketing Manager said.

"Hopefully it will have a small impact and bring positivity to them at such a difficult time. I know that 11,520 bottles sounds like a lot, but I'm sure it's just a small thing for them. We are hopeful that it will bring some relief to them."

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