Millions of dollars in highrise projects refused by Georges River Local Planning Panel

The Georges River Local Planning Panel refused a number of development applications worth millions-of-dollars at the end of last year.

The Panel's December 17 meeting refused two developments, deferred two others and approved one.

The one approval was for an application by Georges River Council to install a 4000mm by 2000mm LED display screen in the new Central Plaza at 296 Forest Road, Hurstville.

The panel decided that the proposed use of the screen to promote community advertisements and special events was an appropriate use within the plaza.

But an application for a $7.8 million seven-storey block with 23 units at 1-3 English Street, Carlton was refused as the application for additional height and scale of the building would adversely affect the character and development of the streetscape.

Also refused was an application to modify a development application for 23 Bay Road, Oatley to a new driveway, add an additional room on the top level and amend the layout.

The panel decided the proposal would have an adverse impact on the quality of the natural environment due to the proposed tree and rock-shelf removal for the driveway and earthworks in the Bay Road road reserve.

At the same meeting the panel deferred an application for a construction of a new $15.4 million five-storey shop stop housing development at 261 Princes Highway, Carlton for a revised stormwater drainage design and revised architectural details.

An application for tje Ramsgate Village Planning Proposal at 193-201 Rocky Point Road, 66-68 Ramsgate Road and 2-6 Targo Road, Ramsgate was deferred.

The Planning Proposal requests Georges River Council to amend the Kogarah Local Environmental Plan 2012 to rezone the site from B2 Local Centre tnad R3 Medium Density to B2 Local Centre across the entire site.

It also requests an increase in the maximum site controls across the site from 15-metres and 21-metres to 29m to 35m.

The panel called for the applicant to look at amending the design including lowering building heights to reduce the bulk and scale of the future built form and the resulting impact on the amenity of the adjoining residential area.

The December 12 meeting of the Panel also deferred an application for construction of a $7.3 million five-storey shop top housing development with 23 units at 71-73 Jubilee Avenue, Carlton to amend the plans.

At the same meeting, the panel approved a development application for a $21 million, six-storey residential flat building with 64 units at 5-11A Wyuna Street, Beverley Park .

Despite receiving 38 submissions, the panel found the upzoning of the site was in the public interest.

But a development application for an $8.4 million six-storey shop top housing development containing 19 apartments for 89-91 Railway Parade, Mortdale was refused as the proposed retail component on the groundfloor was too small, making up only six per cent of the proposal.

"The site is located in a business zone and is considered to be developed as an extension of the Mortdale Town Centre and as such emphasis for redevelopment is to create a viable and functional town centre with the integration of a variety of business uses. The development fails to fulfil the intent and purpose of the zone," the panel's decision stated.

Also refused was a development application to construction a secondary dwelling at 38 Hillcrest Avenue, Hurstville.

The panel found the proposed development would have an adverse impact on the built environment as it would impact on the existing neighbouring dwelling to the rear, the existing dwelling on the site and would have inadequate areas of open space.