Rocky road around the Darrell Lea site

Traffic issues: Darrell Lea development on Rocky Point Road during construction. Picture: John Veage.

Traffic issues: Darrell Lea development on Rocky Point Road during construction. Picture: John Veage.

Recently the Darrell Lea development on Rocky Point Road in the Kogarah/Beverley Park area was opened. Traffic lights were erected at the corner of Rocky Pt Road and Weeney Street. When driving north along Rocky Pt Road, there is now a dedicated right-hand lane into the development (presumably reducing a major road to one lane in the morning). Travelling south we currently cannot turn into Weeney Street.

No doubt the excuse will be there are other access roads into Beverley Park bordered by Rocky Pt Road, Ramsgate Road/the Causeway and Jubilee Avenue. However, at peak hour, particularly turning into Jubilee Avenue can be an issue (there is a capacity for a dedicated right-turn arrow but not activated). The problem experienced by the residents of this area is long term.

In the early '90s, the right-hand arrow on Ramsgate Rd into Rocky Pt Road for vehicles travelling west was, without proper warning, replaced with a "no right turn". Yet vehicles travelling on Ramsgate Rd in the opposite direction may turn right when through traffic from Ramsgate Beach is stopped. One business near Ramsgate Beach lost 30 per cent of their business with the right-hand turn cancellation. Objections have been met with RMS/RTA facile, bureaucratic double talk. Simple solution. Stop through traffic in both directions and allow simultaneous right-hand turns. I have heard there is insufficient traffic to warrant it. Not at the moment because the traffic has been diverted but re-introduce the arrow and see the increase. Next, we were stopped from turning right further along Ramsgate Road into Targo Road and then no right turn onto the Causeway FROM Targo Road. Alternative routes must be taken which are not as safe as one would like.

The traffic around Beverley Park can be a significant problem when there are significant football matches of any code being played at Jubilee Stadium. Now the Council imagines it can construct a pool at that location. When local residents' objections were raised, Council's comments were along the lines there is already heavy traffic it wouldn't be much more.

Council management might like to drive down my street when there is a match on at Jubilee Stadium. Cars parked on both sides of the road and only space for one lane of traffic. On several occasions I have had to reverse into driveways when trying to get home because of traffic coming in the opposite direction or else, I have to time my departure from work and elsewhere to avoid any issue. I am not against the matches but am appalled at the lack of support from the Council in supplying infrastructure such as appropriate parking. Their coffers must be brimming over from rates with the erection of so many multi-storey unit locks in the area so put the money to good work.

This is a classic example of the Georges River Council's treatment of the previous Kogarah Council's residents. They have done virtually nothing for the residents and could not care less about Beverley Park's traffic issues. Now they are having a meeting to discuss the potential 10 per cent increase in rates.

May I remind the Council management that part of our rates contributes to their wages. So, the Council works for us. You are there to follow what the residents want. Therefore, do what the over 10,000 residents indicated in a petition and build the pool on its original site. You were offered a contribution by the Prime Minister so now accept it.

Oh yes, forget about the substantial increase in rates I have seen no improvement in my area to warrant it the plan and reasons for the increase, in my view, were simply not valid.

Gabrielle Clara

Crime in the St George area

A lot of the shop owners in the Kogarah area and I have been experiencing an increase in theft in our businesses. It would be great if you can run a story to bring some attention to these matters.

Eric Leong

Standing up for others

8.15 am today. An older woman stands up for a pregnant woman on a packed train. We are all going to work.

Men and women of all ages are sitting and ignore those in need. You can't blame the mobiles; they can see their stops.

Something must be done. Can we not put up huge signs in more prominent spaces as with advertising. Standing Up For Others could be a possible title. Human beings showing our compassion is a strength, we need more in this world and it starts with us.

Lynn Connolly


Sack Scomo

I call on the electorate of Cook to take responsibility and sack Scomo. He is an embarrassment to the country, the party and the electorate. Surely you can find someone better.

Cliff Fraser

New Birthing unit

I sincerely hope-giving birth in the new Maternity facility at St George Hospital is an experience appreciated by all concerned. Should the "newborn"continue to reside in our area, they will soon discover their arrival to be "as good as it gets".Once at school, playgrounds are full of demountable classrooms. Work means commuting on overcrowded trains with an unfriendly timetable, then coming home to an overdeveloped grubby area where care to communal areas is now almost non-existent.So, enjoy your birthing experience, as today's St George area is like our footy team, not as good as it once was.

Elaine Cameron


Monarchists welcome proposed visit of the Duke of Cambridge

The Australian Monarchist League welcomes the proposed visit by the Duke of Cambridge to Australia. His Royal Highness, representing the Queen, will visit areas ravaged by bushfires and meet with firefighters and also those who have lost their homes.

Hopefully, this visit will also lead to formal recognition of the heroic involvement of all those involved in fighting the devastating fires of this past month whether they be volunteers or otherwise.

Philip Benwell



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