Time to step out again for young Chinese ballerinas

It's been a while between dances for the young students at Step Studio, Hurstville.

But last Saturday, the students were able to leap back into action when the studio reopened after a self-imposed postponement of classes.

The owners of the studio, Momo Zhang and Bobo Lu decided to postpone the start of lessons for 2020 to allay parents' concerns about the coronavirus.

"Once we heard that coronavirus cases had been confirmed overseas we decided to postpone our classes," Momo said.

"I could see the parents were concerned."

The studio has about 100 students and ten teachers with classes in everything from ballet to traditional Chinese dancing.

"Our classes were supposed to start February 1 but on January 21 we decided to extend our reopening to February 14," Momo said.

"Many children go back to China during Christmas and New Year time.

"They come back just before school starts which was January 29.

"If we had opened on January 31 many parents would have been concerned. We decided to delay the opening so they would not worry.

"I think this is the right way to go because everybody is safe and has peace of mind.

"Many of the kids have been waiting to come back. Some of the little ones really enjoy dancing."

Georges River Councillor Nancy Liu has been helping the Hurstville Chinese community coordinator their response to the coronavirus scare.

She visited the Step Studio on Saturday for the start of classes for 2020.

The first class of the year was the ballet class for four to eight-year-olds.

"It was very lovely to see the local business is back to normal and little ballerinas back to class," Councillor Liu said.

" It really shows how the local Chinese community in Hurstville has been taking the coronavirus seriously and responsibly."