Injured seal rescued from rocks at Boat Harbour in 1989

An injured leopard seal was a source of amusement for some people as it lay helplessly on the rocks at Boat Harbour in August 1989.

The two metre long seal had suffered a wound under its neck, thought to be the work of a stingray, as well as two shark bites in his side.

The Leader reported people prodded, poked and even stood on the seal, estimated to be about one-year-old, after it was found on the rocks on a Sunday afternoon.

Fortunately, there were also some caring people about, who contacted Taronga Zoo, leading to a rescue team being dispatched.

Zoo staff faced a challenge trying to get the seal, whom they named Henry, onto a net stretcher, but eventually they succeeded.

They said they did not want to use a tranquilizer because of the seal's serious health condition.

The seal was expected to make a full recovery after six to eight weeks and the zoo was considering giving him permanent residency as part of its breeding program.

It's not uncommon for seals to be washed ashore at Cronulla, particularly after big seas.

In August 2012, a young seal was found wandering on North Cronulla beach.

Early morning surfers reckoned it was "looking for a skim latte".

It was assumed the seal slipped back into the sea during a short period it was not under observation.