Police given names after Leader publishes soccer field vandalism CCTV images

CCTV images published online by the Leader may bring to justice those who responsible for badly vandalising a soccer field at Grays Point.

Police have been given the names of two people thought to be responsible.

The Grays Point Soccer Club top field was dug up by a ute doing burnouts about 4.20am on Saturday, March 14.

Similar vandalism occurred on the same night to soccer fields at The Ridge and Bangor. It is not known if the incidents are linked.

The vehicle used at Grays Point Oval was driven by two youths, who were dubbed "Dumb & Dumber" on the club's website because they didn't realise they were being videoed and one of them provided a further opportunity for identification when he returned to pick up a "boom box" he left outside the club.

"Get ready for a knock on the door Dumb & Dumber", the club posted on Facebook after the vandalism.

Images from the CCTV cameras were published on the Leader's website last week.

The club provided an update on inquiries this week.

"After the Leader ran the article last week, numerous people have provided possible names for two of the persons we hope can assist police," the club said.

"All names received being for the same two persons.

"Therefore we have now passed these two names on to police. Hopefully this will lead them to finding the perpetrators."

The CCTV images showed three youths, one of whom was wearing a distinctive Akubra-style hat when he returned to collect the "boom box" he forgot to take with him.

The vehicle in the CCTV was believed to be an early model Holden Rodeo cab chassis tray back, with the rear left tail light out.

Sutherland Shire Council patched the field, but the club was told full recovery would take a month.

Officers from Sutherland Police Area Command began investigating, and were expected to be able to enhance the images.

Footage from CCTV at a local liquor shop, where the youths are believed to have bought alcohol, was also being examined.

Club officials, who had spent weeks preparing fields for the start of the season, said the vandalism caused thousands of dollars of damage.

A club committee member said a group of youths arrived at the club about 8.30pm on the Friday night and hung around for a while before departing.

Two youths returned in a white ute about 4.30am on the Saturday and unlocked the gate to enter the field with a key that fits locks on council grounds across the shire.

The keys are known to be in wide circulation.