Rate of coronavirus cases increase halved as PM launches new messaging services

Coronavirus Australia app.
Coronavirus Australia app.

The rate of the increase in coronavirus cases in Australia has almost halved in the last week.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed this while announcing new WhatsApp and app messaging services to help Australians get official information updates.

Speaking on Sunday, Mr Morrison said, "This time last week the rate of increase was up around 25 to 30 per cent a day.

"That rate, over the last few days, has fallen to about 13 to 15 per cent.

"Now, they are still strong rates of increase, there's no doubt about that.

"But, as we take the measures we have been taking and put them in place and we have the cooperation from the Australian people, then that obviously in turn has an impact on how we are managing the spread of the virus.

"It also impacts on our health system, on the population, and people's jobs and livelihoods."

Mr Morrison also announced a new WhatsApp feature that enables people to keep up with the latest information on the disease and what actions are being taken.

"You simply go into WhatsApp and type in aus.gov.au/whatsapp, and you will get access to a new messaging service," he said.

A coronavirus app can also be downloaded from the Apple app store and on Google Play.

"I did that this morning, and that is doing exactly the same thing, providing further information, more resources, a trusted place of advice and information that you and your family and your business can use to understand the decisions and the information that is available to everybody about what is occurring with the coronavirus."