Baffled by tough approach to beach closures

Togetherness: Families are not bound by the limit of two people on gatherings. Picture: John Veage

Togetherness: Families are not bound by the limit of two people on gatherings. Picture: John Veage

While the PM, Premier and health officials insist it is not a police or controlling state, and not as heavy-handed as other nations in managing coronavirus, it would appear that it's only by a small degree, and for the wrong reasons.

John Veage's photos, not unlike my experience, shows the vast majority of people social distancing, including those that were swimming at netted beaches and foraging or wading at the water's edge. How does one infect and contaminate while swimming, exercising, in a tinny or dingy, or fishing?

The dilution of airborne particles approaches infinity outdoors, providing one keeps to the non-contact and social distancing rules, unlike the undiluted levels and object contact encountered in indoor centres and supermarkets, especially by the asymptomatic, or at home.

Even after immunisation, it is rare when I don't get flu or cold, and the only time I could possibly contract it is indoors - never at the park, jogging or swimming.

People would be better coerced to wear masks and sanitise hands while sharing confined spaces, although that ship has sailed, and those outside social isolating left alone for mental and physical health benefit.

It would seem we resemble the path and modelling of Asian nations than that of cosmopolitan Europe or wild west US, although authorities would want us dreaming otherwise.

Richard Piech,

Sans Souci

Georges River Council and exhibition of Draft LEP 2020

The amalgamated councils have the task to harmonise various plans and documents, the finalisation date for the LEP is apparently June 2020 as requested by the State Government.

GRC has advertised (The Leader April 1, page 15) the LEP for public exhibition until the middle of May 2020. Alas, there are difficulties for residents to access the hardcopy, when the council chambers in Hurstville and the Customer Service Centre at Kogarah Library are closed indefinitely. There is the added difficulty that community residents associations - such as Kogarah Bay Progress Association (KBPA) and St George District Residents Network Inc(SGDRN) - cannot hold meetings/gatherings in the present situation.

KBPA, in conjunction with SGDRN, are endeavouring to steer an alternate course to what GRC is implementing, giving residents a voice/response. A request for a deferred date at the State Government end should be possible in the present circumstances.

There appears to be other difficulties or perhaps inconsistencies in the draft LEP. Looking at just the Kogarah North Precinct, GRC is not just harmonising the two councils, the Draft LEP, instead new zonings are being introduced. In Kogarah North, a R4 zoning in the area where there are schools, the GRC is proposing hotels, bars, entertainment and more. More entertainment facilities around Jubilee Stadium/Kogarah Park, in a residential area. And further afield, some upzoning in Carlton.

Back in late 2019, there was a response from KBPA which was published in The Leader. Can a similar report/article be published, from KBPA, to alert residents to what is being proposed by GRC during this harmonisation procedure?

Theresa Kot

St George District Residents Network

What does an Australian look like?

An interesting letter in last week's Leader by WG Peters about the 'Ugly Australian'. Something that must be said, and I know the standard calls will come out, but the 'average' Australian that fought in two World Wars came from different stock than we have today. Multiculturalism has many positive things, but we would be blind in not saying there are also negative things. So various cultures react in multiple ways to what we did as a nation before. You just need to look at the issue with Baby Formula and certain companies operating in Australia that stockpiled goods in Australia to ship 'back home' before the Government put a stop to that.

So I guess you have to ask what is now the Australian way? The way of the old country or the new. I prefer to think of the people helping during those terrible fires not so long ago. Looking after each other in mateship, compassion, resilience and doing the right thing.

Name and address supplied

Golf club members should pay for the fence

In last week's Leader, I read an article and saw a letter from S. O'Connor concerning a fence for Beverly Park Golf Club. From what the letter said, which seems to have been backed up by the article, I cannot believe this is a public club. This club receives money from the Council and from Govt. grants, so that is part of my money as a ratepayer and a taxpayer. The club then fails to listen to the local residents, then won't accept the decision of the Council then not accept the decision of the Local Planning Panel and then wants to appeal to the L & E Court. Sounds more like a developer than a sports club.

So they club wastes no more of yours and my money why don't they get ALL their members to contribute money each to pay for the appeal. Let's see how important it is to ALL their members, not just some entitled few who thinks the public purse is limitless.

John Rodger

South Hurstville

Emergency powers

The sudden adoption of "emergency powers" by Georges River mayor Kevin Greene appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to the COVID-19 disaster (April 1). Every councillor has a ratepayer-funded mobile phone so they can, and indeed must be consulted on every "emergency" matter. To do otherwise is a slap in the face for democracy and is reminiscent of the sacking of the Kogarah and Hurstville councils by the state government in 2016.

Peter Mahoney


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