LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Praise for garbos during these virus times

An SBS community advert praises essential services and their workers but fails to mention Waste Technicians, or garbo's if you like.

Through their daily journeys, they are more than likely to have to handle bins with the virus either in or on them.

Gary Frances, Bexley

​Racist rants are not taken seriously 

"Name and address supplied " should not be concerned about the old days. There weren't many average Australian(s) that fought in the two World Wars anyway, but I suppose there were an unlucky few.

One needs to express oneself correctly if you want readers to take your racist rants seriously.

Gary Frances, Bexley.

Sad passing of a much-loved community member

Jim Towart, worked tirelessly for his community and the Botany Bay Catchment, for more years than most will remember.

Jim was born at Ivanhoe (Western NSW) and had many jobs and interests. At one stage he worked on the establishment of the enlarged Mascot Airport when the Cooks River course was changed. He was also a Georges River Oyster farmer, working with the Drake Family and knew the Derwents at Neverfail Bay. He joined Bob Walshe in forming the Sutherland Shire Environment Centre and worked with the Dunphy organisation on the wider environmental movement.

When Botany Bay and Catchment Alliance was formed, Jim and Narelle became involved and continued. He knew all the heroes of the catchment, Nancy Hillier, Bob Walshe, Irene Jones and many more.

Jim knew of the environmental problems and had a long list of real solutions., serving on the Sydney Catchment Management Authority for some years.

He enjoyed our monthly meetings and especially when we moved around the catchment to places along Cooks River, La Perouse, Kurnell, Casula Powerhouse, Cabramatta, and even to Dharawal National Parl at Weatherburn and Madden's Falls. We were all very proud when the State Liberal Government (through the Member for Oatley Mark Coure), proclaimed the long-awaited Dharawal National Park and joined Minister, Robyn Parker for its formal opening.

In later years with health in decline, he continues to meet and had phone conversations with our Chair.

We are sad that Jim is no longer with us. We rejoice that we have known him. We are pleased that he is at peace at last.

To Narelle and her family, we share and express our love and compassion.

Brian Shaw, Chair, Botany Bay and catchment Alliance Inc.

Land size confusion

I have just received a brochure from the Council regarding the new LEP and foreshore regulations. In short, stating how land size must be certain sizes before dual occupancy can be built or that you can only build to a certain percentage of block size etc. This is all to enhance the beauty and facility of the local foreshore area for the public. Now I have no problems with that, in fact, I welcome that way of thinking however I wonder if again it is just Council ticking another box saying we sort public feedback and then once again ignoring it as they have done numerous times with the over-development within this LGA.

But back to the point in hand, yes we should care about the beauty and facility of this land but not just of the foreshore areas but of all areas. Residents and visitors don't just visit foreshore areas that visit all areas, so why aren't all buildings designed to enhance the beauty of the area and facility. I only saw within the last few days a dual occupancy where neither premises could put a normal size rotary clothesline within the patch of the backyard they had if that is what you call a concrete slab. This is basic, no need to raise the concerns with the ageing infrastructure we are now placing more strain on, water pipes for example, but basic amenity of life and lifestyle. So, by all means, ask for input but listen to that input, act upon that input but also use common sense. Let's keep our area beautiful and enjoyable before we become more like Hurstville and some parts of Kogarah. A barren, windswept and soulless place.

John Rodger, South Hurstville

Adopt a Healthcare Worker care package

"Adopt a Healthcare Worker - St George Hospital" is collecting items for a second round of care packages for hospital staff. If you would like to take part, you can drop off donations at Oatley RSL between 10am - 3pm Monday - Friday up until 22 April. Donation items should be non-perishable and ideally should be individually wrapped.

Sandy Grekas, Mortdale