Keeping seniors active

GET PHYSICAL: SHARE general manager Adrian Prakash addresses the importance of keeping seniors healthy and active through community-based exercise programs.
GET PHYSICAL: SHARE general manager Adrian Prakash addresses the importance of keeping seniors healthy and active through community-based exercise programs.

Helping seniors stay healthy and active has been the mission for SHARE, a not-for-profit but with purpose business, based in Sydney.

Established in 1983, SHARE (which stands for Self Help Association through Responsibility and Enrichment) offers affordable exercise and educational classes to the adult community through a network of trained community educators and accredited fitness instructors.

General manager of SHARE Adrian Prakash said, "Through the provision of education and information we empower people to make healthy choices through healthy eating and physical activity."

SHARE is building healthier communities and will achieve their vision by:

  • Enhancing the wellbeing of people over 55 through exercise and educational programs
  • Offering a range of innovative and accessible exercise programs
  • Providing opportunities for more people to be physically active and healthy
  • Providing specialised programs in areas such as falls prevention
  • Providing specialised programs that will avoid preventable chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • Offering classes to culturally and linguistically diverse communities

"SHARE's aim is to help older people in our community maintain a healthy lifestyle and to assist people in their management of chronic conditions through exercise and education," Adrian said.

Opportunities are available for residents of South Eastern and Sydney South West Area Health Service to join the community-based exercise programs. The classes include: Fitter & Stronger, Stretch & Relax, Special Needs, Tai Chi, Active & Fit, Aqua Aerobics, Yoga, Meditation, Sit to Fit Simply Seniors and more.

SHARE's falls prevention programs are also designed as exercise intervention to prevent falls, enhance mobility and increase physical activity.

Ageing causes bone health to decrease, leading to balance and flexibility issues, which can make it difficult to walk. However, engaging in exercise on a regular basis can strengthen muscles and also reduce the risk of a hip fracture, joint pain or age-related conditions such as osteoporosis.

Exercise may also help seniors to feel energised, happier and more confident while allowing them to accomplish everyday activities such as walking and cooking.

"SHARE is an organisation that is professional, welcoming, friendly and inspirational and this is what sets it apart from others," Adrian said.

"Participants tell us SHARE makes them feel supported, is engaging, helps them make connections to others, gives them a sense of community and belonging while creating stories and making them smile."

Adrian is passionate about the wellbeing of seniors and helping them achieve a healthy lifestyle. Under his leadership SHARE has been nominated for Business of the Year at the 2020 St George Local Business Awards.

In response to COVID-19 the SHARE team has transferred its exercise classes to an online delivery model so participants can exercise at home. Visit the website to join a class via Zoom.

SHARE is also delivering food hampers and home cooked meals to vulnerable people. If you need assistance call 8580 0628.

To join SHARE's exercise programs either: go online at and download the forms, phone the SHARE office directly on 8580 0628 or send an email to