Your say: Reader calls for more dog off leash areas

People living in apartments are gaining more legal rights to own companion animals.

They and all owners register their dogs to pay the council for the maintenance of dog off-leash areas.

Most of the dog parks and off-leash areas in the Georges River Council LGA are neglected or even devoid of basic provisions for dogs.

Did the amalgamation of the former councils grant this new council with fewer obligations to provide for residents?

Meryl Green,


Council's big deficit

In late 2019, the General Manager set the agenda for the rate increase. A big-budget deficit was forecast, a deficit that could only be fixed with a big increase in rates. The GM's presentation to the community did not meet with approval, but the MC did cut the comments from the audience.

In February 2020, the proposed rate increase was rejected by the councillors.

Come April 2020, and the GM has found ways to 'minimise the council's projected operating deficit.' (The Leader May 6, 2020, page 7). Perhaps 'during this unpredictable time(COVID-19)' the GM can think clearly about what the community can bear financially, when so many are without a job, seeking social welfare.

For all that community consultation, consultant's contract fees, the upbeat public relations releases that the community was all 'embracing' of the rates increase, now we know it was a flawed exercisewhat a waste of time and money.

Should the GM and all the councillors be responsible for that 'stuff-up'?

T Kot


Serial Aggressive Speeding Drivers

As a local resident, I am appalled at the number of loud, aggressive speeding motorists who are using local roads as speedways and drag strips daily.Where are the police to control this seriously dangerous and anti-social behaviour?

The worst example I witnessed several times in the past couple of weeks was two cars travelling at excessive speed side by side racing each other up Lorraine Avenue in Bardwell Valley. At other times everyday cars greatly exceed the 50km speed limit with seeming impunity. The onset of these incidents can be predicted by the loud growling noise made by the powerful motors coming from streets away.

The lack of proper 50km road signage on local roads and a general lack of interest by Bayside Council seems to exacerbate the problem. I have written several times to council and their response was to say contact the police. Calls for more signage and traffic calming measures to Bayside Council have been dismissed. There is an urgent need in this area to promote a safer and more community-based approach to local roads and traffic. I urge affected residents to write to Bayside Council to help get real action to stop this irresponsible and threatening behaviour.

Bruce M,

Bardwell Valley

Bicycle bell ringing

Most of us do ring our bells when approaching pedestrians from behind on shared paths. Most pedestrians move to the side, but some don't - because they just don't want to, or because they have a hearing impairment, or they have earpieces in. Some pedestrians abuse us for ringing our bells. And when the paths are crowded as in recent weeks, we'd need to ring our bells constantly, much to everyone's annoyance. Many riders have been forced onto the roads and now compete with traffic. This new way of life has made it obvious that shared paths need to be wider to accommodate more activity, and that roads need to be redesigned to accommodate separated bicycle lanes. We welcome new members for social bike riding.

Natalie Cleary

St George Bicycle Users Group

New Georges River LEP/ A red rag to a bad idea

I wish to urge all residents of Georges River Council to tie a red band around their front yard trees or letterbox. Why? To signal to the council that plans to remove the tough subdivision protections on close to 4000 residential properties west of the railway line be stopped. This proposal overwhelms the positive decision to add foreshore protections to near 2000 properties in the former Kogarah Council section. All residents can have their say on this LEP revision till the end of May, so if the green amenity of Oatley and nearby suburbs is important to residents, they should take the opportunity to have their say before more houses and dual occupancies destroy the very reason people have chosen to live here.

Gary Schoer, Oatley