30th anniversary of opening of Sutherland's third police station

Foresight was shown when a new police station was designed and built at Sutherland in the 1980s.

Although police needs have changed greatly since then and the number of officers working from the facility is much higher these days, the building remains very functional and efficient, senior officers say.

The 30th anniversary of the opening of the station in Flora Street occurred on Monday this week.

It is the third police station Sutherland has had since the first was established in 1890.

The original station was at the corner of Flora Street and Eton Street and was also the residence of the first policeman, Constable Emmanuel Lewis.

Operations moved at a later time to a converted house in Boyle Street before the construction of the present building in 1990.

While plans were being developed, the state government allowed St Patrick's Primary School, which is diagonally across Flora Street, to use the site as an additional playground.

Superintendent Jason Box, who leads Sutherland Police Area Command, worked at the new station as a detective sergeant from 2001-2004 and returned as the commander in 2018.

Superintendent Box said it was "essentially the main station in Sutherland Shire," and the majority of the 270 officers in the command worked from there.

The other stations in the command are at Miranda and Cronulla, while Engadine station is a base for the Highway Patrol.

"This command takes in a big area, which includes Royal National Park and coastline," he said.

"The building is still logistically very modern and functional even though there has been a lot of change over 30 years."

Superintendent Box said the shire community was "very fortunate to have the police we have".

"They are very efficient and engaged with the community and very mindful of keeping everyone in the shire safe," he said.

Chief Inspector Gary Ford said the team at Sutherland were very motivated and "keen to get out there and do the best for the community".

"They are all happy to go and rip in and have a go," he said.

Sutherland Shire Historical Society has researched early policing in the shire.

One interesting discovery was that the first recorded speeding offence in Sutherland took place an 12 May 1912 when Kogarah Court was told by Senior Constable Lewis that, while he was on duty in Railway Parade, Sutherland, a Mr William McKay had "scorched past in his car so quickly that I was just able to get his number."

Mr McKay was alleged to have overtaken two cars at more than 20 miles per hour. He was fined £3 ($6).