Le Beach Hut Restaurant at Dolls Point to be rebuilt under new plans

Le Beach Hut Restaurant and kiosk at Depena Reserve, Dolls Point.
Le Beach Hut Restaurant and kiosk at Depena Reserve, Dolls Point.

The famous Le Beach Hut Restaurant and kiosk at Depena Reserve, Dolls Point is to be rebuilt with Bayside Council endorsing a new concept design for the site.

Full details of the plan will be included in the development application to be lodged by the council.

The concept plan was considered by councillors in a closed session at this month's meeting of Bayside Council as it contained commercially sensitive financial information that could affect a future tender for the reconstruction works.

Depena Reserve is located on community classified land, owned by Bayside Council.

The current Le Beach Hut building is close to 60 years old and requires a substantial amount of work to make it compliant with current standards, a Bayside Council report stated.

"It is considered to be an underperforming asset," the report stated.

A masterplan and feasibility study have been undertaken to investigate the opportunities and constraints for a new building to replace the Le Beach Hut Restaurant and kiosk.

The purpose of the feasibility study was to identify and evaluate the project planning options for the facility with consideration of the services to be provided, future trends, demographics, existing facilities, ideal location, capital and recurrent costs and an implementation strategy.

A presentation was given to Bayside Councillors presenting options for the future facility.

The councillors indicated a preference for a model similar to the proposed Cahill Park Café at Wolli Creek.

Concept options for the new café similar to the Cahill Park model were presented to the councillors in February.

Feedback on the concepts was positive and councillors requested a review of the parking in conjunction with the proposed new café.

Proposed car parking improvements included providing additional car parking spaces, more streamlined drop-off zone adjacent to the new cafe and better access for pedestrians into the park.

The proposed car parking changes will provide improved entry and exit to the main carpark; realignment of the kerb and provision for a kiss and ride five-minute zone on Malua Street; upgrade to the Russell Avenue small carpark to the west of the new café to provide an additional eight parking spaces; and reconfiguration of two existing spaces in the Carruthers Drive carpark to be disabled parking spaces and provide accessible pathway entrance.

"The current car parking is unrestricted and therefore limits the turnover of spaces to service the playground, café and parkland," the council report stated..

"It is proposed to make the Russell Avenue carpark a two-hour limit carpark to increase turnover of spaces."