Weekly wrap: A local focus on state and national issues

G'day readers,

This week I'd like to address a comment from a reader about our reporting.

The reader was miffed that we reported on a national story. His comment was, "The Leader is supposed to be a local publication that solely reports about local issues." The reader went on to say the story was the domain of the Sydney Morning Herald or the Daily Telegraph and we had no business reporting on national or state issues.

I respectfully disagree.

My aim, when I came to the Leader, was to give readers access to all the news, local, state and federal. I want our website to be a one-stop-shop for your news and sport. The team and I want our readers to come to our site for a local story, see a state or federal yarn, a real estate or finance yarn and click on those too.

One day, hopefully, our valuable reader will decide he or she does not need the SMH or the Tele because they get all the news from the Leader. It might be a lofty goal, but one I think we are well on the way to achieving.

We believe you should have access to national and state stories that although they have no local angle within them, do impact on local lives. Yarns like this one from Murray Trembath.

Of course, our primary focus will always be on Shire and St George stories, but we will continue to try for the 'local angle' on stories of broader significance because I believe in today's world that's what our audience wants. They want a variety of stories. What do you think?

Another example is this story by Murray on COVID-19 figures which is a national and state issue. In this yarn, Murray drills down to the local angle with comments from a concerned Sutherland Shire doctor. Please read it here.

Yet another example was Murray's yarn about increased train services. Transport is a statewide issue, but Murray explained to our readers the 'local' implications of the announcement. Please read about it here.

As I mentioned, we will always focus on local yarns for our readers. Jim Gainsford tells us about plans for the famous Le Beach Hut Restaurant and kiosk at Depena Reserve. Please read about it here.

Jim also tells us how vulnerable young mums and their children are feeling a little less isolated during the COVID-19 lockdown thanks to the work of staff and volunteers at the Kingsgrove Community Aid Centre.

Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter and thank you to those readers who take the time to write to me.

Many of our readers say they like the David Pope cartoons.

It seems a lot of you are a bit cranky with developers who want to push the boundaries of what's acceptable to locals. Some of you seek more clarity on the latest COVID-19 restrictions, some of you are keen to get back to dining at your favourite restaurant and some of you are worried about the 'second wave' of virus infections.

I am getting more and more emails each week from our readers and I appreciate them. Even if you don't write, it warms my heart to have this weekly personal interaction with you, our valued reader.

Here are two David Pope cartoons.

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Enjoy your Sunday read.