Think local and support your community: St George edition

Think local and support your community: St George


There are many definable benefits to be had from buying local.

Shops and other small businesses whether they offer products, services, or both tend to employ the local people.

On top of that, a lot of smaller independent businesses, and even plenty of franchise or dealer outlets, are actually owned by local people too.

Buying local is also handy whenever you need after-sales support.

The benefits are not just limited to supporting small independent operators either.

Plenty of larger organisations also give back to the community in some way, be it through supporting charitable organisations, sponsorship of local sporting or community groups, or even things like DIY and project workshops to improve the knowledge and skills of their local customer base.

Various businesses, organisations and groups also go to various lengths to incentivise buying local.

Governments and councils tend to have policies that encourage it, and chamber of commerce groups organise various things like events, reward programs, and other initiatives.


The simplest thing to do is support the local businesses and organisations who help create local jobs, be it in the manufacturing, hospitality, retail or service sector.

To really care about spending locally, make the effort to find out who it is that owns the shop, outlet, dealership, workshop or mobile service.

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