Hurstville Museum and Gallery celebrates reopening with an explosion of creativity

Step into my COVID-19 space (at a distance) by Jamie Parmaxidis. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Step into my COVID-19 space (at a distance) by Jamie Parmaxidis. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Hurstville Museum and Gallery is celebrating its reopening in the wake of COVID-19 restrictions with Artbomb, an exhibition that is supporting a diverse selection of local artists, providing the community a unique opportunity to connect with them.

The process of creation and installation has been opened up for visitors to see and in some cases, get involved with.

Artbomb has 10 artists and five groups participating, using the Museum and Gallery space like their own studio, creating or finishing key works for display in the gallery space.

Described as a "slow release explosion of creativity", the exhibition began on June 9 June, when the gallery walls started out white and devoid of any artwork.

Local artist Dawei Xu was the first featured artist, creating a streetscape scene inspired by his local area of Peakhurst.

Artist Jamie Parmaxidis created the work Step into my COVID-19 space (at a distance).

"During COVID-19, my colour palette became bolder and brighter, putting back the life into these tough times," Jamie said.

"I like to think of individuals as isolated puzzle pieces, it can feel frustrating and sad when you are alone, but once you find your connecting pieces, we feel whole again."

There are now six artworks in the space, with more to come in the coming weeks.

The community is being encouraged to contribute their experiences of the COVID-19 lockdown period to the show via a craft maker station where they can create papercut versions of their face, or try their hand at landscape oil pastel drawings inspired by Michael Ambriano's works.

This Thursday 25 June, Wiradjuri artist Merindah Funnell will be creating a mural and on Saturday, June 27, artists Kelia Terencio and Sudjuice will be doing a live performance piece called 'Best Before' at 11.00am.

Many of these artist sessions have been livestreamed for visitors who may not be ready to attend events just yet, and people are encouraged to follow Hurstville Museum and Gallery on Facebook and Instagram to see what's happening and when.

Upcoming list of artists:

Thursday 25 June, 10am-1pm: Merindah Funnel

Saturday 27 June, 11am-11.15am - Performance of 'Best Before' by artists Keila Terencio and Sudjuice (Shopfront Theatre)

Tuesday 30 June, 10am-1pm: John Davies

Thursday 2 July, 10am-1pm: Becky Gibson

Thursday 9 July, 10am-1pm: Shine Art Academy

Saturday 11 July, 10am-1.00pm: LU CID and Nicole Pingon, 'Noxious' installation (Shopfront Theatre)

Tuesday 14 July, 9.30am-12.30pm: Oatley Writers' Group (early open time)

Tuesday 14 July, 1.00pm-4.00pm: Discovery Writers

Saturday 25 July, LU CID and Nicole Pingon, 'Noxious' performance (Shopfront Theatre)

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